Value Chain Feasibility Assessment

Our Value Chain Feasibility Assessment is an investigation into new and innovative agricultural value chains that could link smallholder farmers to sustainable markets.

This study, which will commence in November 2018, will investigate the Social, Economic, Market, Technical and Institutional/Legal constraints and opportunities for smallholder farmers in rural KZN.

For more information on this project or to get involved contact Sonja Pithey


Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre is currently conducting a Feasibility Assessment into new agricultural value chains, which could stimulate rural smallholder farmer involvement. The Feasibility Study will identify economic opportunities for rural smallholder farmer in the South Coast of KZN.

The Call for Proposals (CFP) advertisement is currently running in national and local media and on various social platforms. The services of a multi-disciplinary team of specialist consultants is currently being sought to conduct the assessment. More information about the Procurement Process, Compulsory Consultants Briefing Session, and Project Contact Details are outlined in the following advertisement:

Click to download advertisment Siyavuna Request for Proposal

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