Welcome to Vincent, our new intern

We would like to welcome Vincent Dias to Siyavuna. He is from France and has a degree in International Horticultural Management from CAH Vilentum in the Netherlands; a bachelor degree in Plant Production and Plant Breeding from Ecole Superieure d’Agriculture d’Angers in France and a degree in Plant Production from Ecole Superieure La Raque in Lasbordes, France.


Vincent will be with us until December 2015 and is keeping very busy indeed. His main areas of involvement are:

(1) working with a selected group of farmers transferring knowledge on organic techniques and business development and at the same time, learning new techniques from the farmers, (2) working with Siyavuna staff to re-design and improve the organic demonstration garden, (3) documenting innovation within the organization and (4) working with the team to enhance the training materials for the beginners and advanced organic vegetable production courses.

Vincent is a keen rugby player and joined the local rugby club, South Coast Warriors, soon after he arrived.
We will be really sad when he has to go back home.