We’re looking for volunteers who would say YES to any of the following:

• I am passionate about organics or permaculture as a lifestyle
• I would like to use my administrative talents to benefit others
• I am passionate about poverty alleviation and / or entrepreneurship
• I would like to use my creative flair to benefit others
• I would like to use my business know-how to benefit others

Current volunteer opportunities are:
• If you have business know-how that you are prepared to share with a rural farmer who is running a micro-enterprise, perhaps this is the perfect fit for you. We need help with giving business mentorship to farmers.
• If you are a keen photographer, we’d love you to take photographs and/or video clips of our work to add to our library
• If you are able to edit video material, we’d love you to compile a promotional DVD of our work
• Interviewing farmers to find out their story and writing up their story of triumph over incredible odds
• Co-operative support – help the co-op staff to buy Kumnandi fresh produce from farmers and sell to customers
• Marketing support – support the Co-ops by helping to build the Kumandi brand amongst the general public
• Co-ordinating supply and demand project – help us to work with selected farmers to grow specifically for bulk-buy customers so that supply matches the demand.
• Help us with marketing and fundraising initiatives – if you are good at writing and have a creative flair, consider helping us build a debit order programme and applying for sponsorship and / or funding for the organization’s activities.

What past volunteers have said about their experience

Sarah Ducret (Switzerland)

"Arriving in Siyavuna is jumping in the heart of South Africa with his cultural plurality, human richness and everyday life made of happiness and difficulties. I discovered Zulu culture on chieflands, South Sfrican solidarity and activism aiming the dignity of every person. In that sense, with Siyavuna as an NGO, I learned about permaculture and the relation between human and land - social movement; about empowerment through an alternative economical model in an exceptional collective spirit. Big thanks to the people who work there. I had the chance to see a fight for the dignity of everybody in a team handled by an unshakeable faith, a sincerity that makes you think about community, about what's essential in life. I am very grateful to everybody in Siyavuna who made my time an amazing and beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing your lives with me!"

Joe Maher (USA)

"I really enjoyed my time with the Siyavuna staff, they made me feel like family and their passion for their work was infectious! I truly learned a lot and would recommend this experience to anyone seeking an enriching experience."

Ian Bennett (USA)

"The sooner I opened myself up to the culture, the sooner you I realized there was nothing different between myself and everyone I worked with. This allowed me to use my talents in ways that were beneficial to them and allowed them to use their talents to show me different skills and benefit in ways I'll never forget." 

Musa Ngcobo (Boboyi, South Africa)

"I started volunteering at Siyavuna earlier this year working in the demonstration garden. I enjoyed learning how to make organic sprays for pest control and getting working experience based on organic farming methods. I love this organization because they are working with our communities for their upliftment."

Sanele Nhlumayo (South Africa)

"It feels good to work at Siyavuna Development Centre. Everybody works hard to improve the organic farming in local communities. I started by helping Siyavuna’s trainer when he runs courses for community members. Now I am part of the research team for a baseline study they are doing. I am learning a lot."

Mhlekhona Hlongwa (South Africa)

"I find organic farming very interesting because its more affordable. I came to Siyavuna because I wanted to get more information on organic farming. I’ve learned more about how to look after the soil."

Jeffrey Dlamini (South Africa)

"One of the things I like about Siyavuna is that people know how to communicate with others. I am part of the research team and we ask many things because we are learning the job. I am happy because Siyavuna is working with communities doing agriculture to help improve people’s lives. I am learning a lot while I am working here. They have strong and good leadership and they have their strategy that they follow. "